The Impossible Quiz Review – Everything You Need to Know

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The Impossible Quiz is an addictive game that is made up of seemingly random and pointless questions that tests your capacity to think outside the box. Gamers have three lives to answer the questions and lose one whenever they answer a question incorrectly. You attempt to answer as many questions as possible before you lose the three lives.

Impossible Quiz Review

The Impossible Quiz Review Overview:
The Impossible Quiz is a fun game for anyone who loves strange and peculiar ways of solving problems. It is not suitable for players who think that puzzles are meant to be solved logically. The game is designed by gamers older than 13 years, as the questions included are designed for a mature audience. In addition, certain questions might not make any sense to younger players, as the game requires a high level of imagination to progress to the next level.

When it comes to features, Impossible Quiz is a series of odd and random questions with different answers based on the meanings you derive from the words. Some of the questions have multiple choices, but there are also some other iPhone-specific tasks and questions included.

Stats are recorded depending on the number of times you play and how far you go. For about ten questions, you’ll achieve a “skip” for the some of the particularly impossible questions.


Impossible Quiz Controls: 
To play this game, all you need to do is to use your mouse. The most important thing is to think before clicking your mouse because the obvious might not provide the correct answer at all times. This game is not as simple as it seems to be!

Impossible Quiz Instructions:
Impossible quiz is played with a lot of imagination. The answers may look odd, but there are some reasons why the correct answer might not be the way you think it should be. The game will often try to trick you into clicking the wrong answer. For example, the answers might be placed in a group with a certain number for each reply. However, the correct answer might not be in that group and will actually be somewhere else on the screen.

The Stunt Master Play Station Game Review

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The Stunt Master Play Station Game ReviewThe Stunt master is a Play Station game created by Radical Entertainment. The game is based on Jackie Chan—the world’s prominent actor and martial artist. In the game, you’ve to see yourself as the “real” Jackie Chan, who has the obligation of fighting his way past hordes of villains in many different locations in New York City.

Theme of the game
It’s indeed a funny, great game in which a player sees himself as Jackie Chan. As a player, you’re to help Jackie fight his enemies and accomplish the highest possible performance. The Stunt master is an impressive Action Adventure game that involves killing the enemies and finishing the levels and bosses in a great way.

Towards the end of every level, Jackie must confront a boss who, ostensibly, possesses a life bar that is double the total amount of Jackie’s. Nevertheless, he must defeat the boss in order to proceed to another level.

Typically, dragon medals are awarded at every stage. You’ve to collect dozens of dragon medals that will help you unlock a new level. Similarly, there is an alternate costume for Jackie Chan along with a development movie featuring Jackie while performing a motion-picture.

Jackie is not only invisible, but he isn’t a superman as well. It is just similar to any other type of adventure game that requires you to have some kind of power, which helps you when it comes to replenishing energy. The game comprises three approaches to replenish energy:

Rice—rice helps you replenish just a little energy
Milk—milk can replenish energy more than rice
Takeout Box—replenishes virtually the entire health bar

Controls of the game
U – Moving towards the background area
L – Moving to the left
R – Moving to the right
/\- Kick
[] – Punch
X – Jump
D – Moving towards the foreground area
O – Pick up a weapon/Grab enemy/Grab ladder/Throw the weapon
R1 – Dive roll
R2 – Strafe
L1 – Block
L2 – Status display

Instructions of the game
In the course of the Stunt master game, players are often overwhelmed with enemies who attempt to mob them. You shouldn’t worry during this situation because you have a flawless approach to protect yourself. Jackie can utilize different types of weapons, just as he usually does in the actual movie.

Jackie’s weapons include, among many other weaponries, lids, potted sunflower, pool sticks and umbrellas among others. Use a grab button to seize your favorite weapon, and then strike the punch or kick button to wield the weapon.

You may similarly stumble upon red barrels. When hit, there’s a countdown of approximately 2 seconds before it ultimately explodes. Therefore, always make sure you (literally) run away to avoid getting blown or losing your energy reserves, based on your specific health bar.

Zombie Trailer Park Game Review

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This is a free flash titled game developed by Ninja Kiwi that is entertaining, exciting and full of action. The aim of the game is to manage your fighting units by organizing them to defend your trailer park from the zombies that have taken over and destroyed the Metropolis.
The game is set up in a fairly typical castle defense system, with cash being earned over time and units purchased to run blindly into the zombies until you push them back and destroy their stronghold
Killing zombies earns you points that you can eventually use to activate special abilities that helps you to initiate a strong assault on zombies and clinch the win.

Zombie Trailer Park Game ReviewFeatures of The Game
· It has four stages to complete. Each stage increases the challenge in the game and the higher stages are considered to be more challenging compared to the lower stages. Additional capabilities are unlocked as you progress into the next stage.
· The game is very friendly to both the beginners and the professional or expert players. It won’t take a veteran too long to complete the game
· Players can also compete online for the fastest times on the main game center and determine their capabilities compared to other players.
· As a player, you can submit and share your personal best stage times and achievements with your friends.
· There are Yee-haw powers that you can use to activate activate super weapons and kill zombies. They include an angry mob with a bone to pick with the zombies, harvester that straps a brick onto the gas pedal and off she goes and

Game Controls and Instructions
The game controls are located on the upper left side of your screen in a horizontal manner.
The shovel man, angry farmer, survivalist, moonshine bomber and preacher man units are arranged on the top left corner of your screen in a horizontal manner. You will just have to select any of them depending on the level of the game you are playing.
The shovel man uses a shovel to smash the zombies, Angry farmer is armed with a shotgun and shoot zombies with extreme prejudice. You need to build a farmhouse before adding the farmer into your fighting unit
A survivalist involves a 50cal machine gun that is mounted on a pickup truck. You will have to build a garage before adding a survivalist in your fighting unit.
The moonshine bomber can lob vile cocktails to explosive effects. You will have to build a still before adding moon shire bomber into your fighting team.
A preacher man has the power to convert the damned into friendly units through the power of faith. You need to build a chapel before adding the preacher into your fighting team.

buildingsThe buildings include.
1. The salvage yard which costs $500 and generates $50 after every five seconds.
2. The trailer, which increases the maximum people limit by five.
3. The farmhouse that enables you to make angry farmers
4. The garage that enables you to make survivalists.
5. The still that enables you to make moonshiner
If you have been searching for an action game that is full of entertainment, then Zombie Trailer Park is the game that you should probably consider playing. I highly recommend this game for you and I can openly assure you that you will enjoy every minute of your game play. Smash the zombies in style and prove your capabilities by being able to clear their base in the shortest time possible.

SUPER SMASH FLASH BROS 2 – Remake of Classic Smash Bros series

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SUPER SMASH FLASH BROS 2 - Remake of Classic Smash Bros seriesThe game is a remake of Nintendo’s fighting game Super Smash Bros Series developed and published by McLeodGaming. It’s quite a great remake of the game. It has much improved graphics than the original game and provides a great variety of characters and playable for up to 4 players. We can select up to 28 characters including Mario, Link, Goku, Pikachu, Sonic, Naruto, Donkey Kong and much more. The game provides many stages/backgrounds to players for fighting. The game provides a number of modes to play like solo or we can play against our friends in online mode or multiplayer mode. Solo mode provides three further modes – training, events and stadium. We can also increase or decrease the game’s quality according to our need. The game is absolutely free and will always be. All rights of the game belong to the original owners.

DOWNLOAD SSF2 – The game is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.A new version of the game has just got released (version To download super smash flash 2 latest version, just copy given links in your browser’s window.Windows:- To Download the game for Windows just copy the given link in your browser’s window –

Mac:- To Download the game for Mac, the link is -

Linux:- To Download the game for Linux, the link is -

ONLINE – Yeah we can also play this amazing game online. For this just Google ssf 2 unblocked (super smash flash bros 2) and you can play this game online from the site McLeodGaming or just click the given link is given as under -

INSTRUCTIONS – After downloading the game, just unpack it using any software like winrar, 7 zip etc. and play.But these software are for Windows and Mac only. Linux users will have to use suitable extracter. yeah its really that simple.

NOTE- If online gamers are experiencing slow speed then they can decrease game’s quality.

CONTROLS- The controls of the game are very simple.The default contols are-
ACTION KEYWORDS Up W Down S Left A Right D Grapple U Block I Special Attack O Punches/Kicks P Pause Backspace Taunt 1We can also change controls according to our need.
If you are still facing difficulty in playing super smash flash bros 2, watch these videos. Just click given links to download these videos.PART 1- 2- 3- So what are you still waiting for. Go and have fun. And don’t forget to tell your friends about it.

Happy Wheels online

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The Happy Wheels online is another interesting Game which has recently hit the internet. It’s one of the most addictive and intriguing games you will have come across in recent times. The below review has all you have to know this latest game. It’s one of the rare games that give you the pleasure of seeing yourself losing than winning. You will definitely like each and every part of the game. In this online game, every level has its own unique goal. However, the objectives of every level are similar. This mean you have to travel to the aim with your characters alive. Found it to be interesting? Well, there is more for you. In case you thought going to your own objective is quite easy, well, it is not. In order to go to your objectives, you have to avoid the obstacles and hazards. This is one of the many interesting aspects of this online game that keeps you hooked into the game.

logoPlaying the Game

As earlier outlined, this is an online game where the users’ imaginations have been permitted to run riot while the unexpected happens. From the dinosaurs eating you up to riding subway trains into a McDonald’s; basically anything that you’ve ever imagined is probably on a certain level somewhere. In case it’s not, you can then create one by yourself on the following site.

Game play

The aim of this game is to reach at the end of the levels. This can involve making it through or it can involve activating various game triggers successfully. These range from pressing the buttons to throwing objects to the right place. You have to avoid the various falls, traps and any deadly obstacles on your way. You should expect to die dreadfully lot.


Happy Wheels has tons of levels that have been created by users. The levels of sophistication vary widely from the very basic to some levels that designers have spent hundreds of hours while creating. With artwork, custom behavior and new characters,
creation of levels is one of the major appeals of this game and you should certainly give it a go.


Use Arrow Keys to lean right or left and to go I reverse or forward. The Spacebar performs main actions of the characters, Shift and Ctrl buttons performs the other actions while Z shall eject you from the vehicle.

Happy Wheels online


The Wheels Happy Demo game has its own kind of characters such as the mopped couple, Wheelchair guy, the lawnmower guy and many more. Each character has its own kind of action. Overall, Happy wheels is among the most amusing games that offer you lots of action. Now that the game review has given you almost all the insight of this online game. What are you then waiting for? Get up and begin playing now!

The Complete Return Man Guide

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The-Complete-Return-Man-GuideReturn Man is a popular American football flash game that was created by ESPN. The game has many versions, with each offering the player a rich online gaming experience. The game has outstanding graphics and also really fascinating features. The main goal of the game is for the player to get hold of the ball and traverse through the field till the end line. The only obstacles on the way are defenders from the enemy team who are trying their best to catch the player and take the ball away. The player only wins the round by successfully getting the ball through to the other side at the end line. On the other hand, if the player fails to do so, they end up starting all over again from the beginning. As mentioned earlier on, the game’s versions include Return Man: Zombies, Return Man 1, Return Man 2 (mud bowl), Return Man 3 and Return Man 4 (linebacker). For Return Man: Zombies, the enemy human team is replaced with a zombie team.

Game Instructions

To start playing the game simply click Play and select any unlocked featured stage and click Play. All the character has to do is try as much as possible to avoid getting caught by the NPC players. Occasionally, the player has to find their way around the slippery and snowy fields until they get to the end line. The field is scattered with a couple of experience and speed boosts that enhance the gaming experience more (others include special moves and unlockable boosts). To ease the running challenge over snow, the player can juke with special shoes and also perform front flips. All these enhanced player features give the player a competitive advantage over the opposing team. In addition, you’re provided with a chance to unlock undiscovered levels.

Follow the in-game signs such as catching the ball within the yellow circle so as to complete your mission. Just run to the circle’s center and wait for the ball.

Difficulty in the game progresses as you advance through the levels. For example in one level you could be facing 3 to 4 enemy defenders and when you advance, you end up facing around 10 of them or even more. The enemy team’s speed to engage you also increases. To overcome such difficulty, as you progress successfully, you also unblock new special moves and you get a stronger faster team.

Game Controls

This section of the Return Man guide shows how simple the game is to play. The game is comprised of two playing modes that deliver the same functionality.

For users that prefer using the numeric keypad:

  • Number 8 is assigned for running forwards
  • Number 6 is assigned for running towards the right.
  • Number 2 is reserved for running down the field
  • Number 4 is for running to the left side.

To use the alphabetic keyboard:

  • Use the I key to run forwards.
  • The L key is for running towards the right.
  • The K key is for running down the field.
  • Use the J key to run in the left direction.

To use special game moves, use the A, D and S letter keys.

screenNote that you can also use arrow keys for left, right, up and down movements.

Having successfully gone through this comprehensive Return Man guide, go ahead and play on!

Funny Flash Game Kitty Cannon

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Play online amazing and entertaining flash game Kitty Cannon for free and earn high scores

Kitty-Cannon-300x283Here it is guys, funny and entertaining flash game – Kitten Cannon some of you may also know this game under the name of Kitty Cannon, well name really doesn’t matter as far as you can play it for free online at our web-site.

Some people might not like this game while others will play it for hours without stop. In other words those who will enjoy it will be addicted to it!

This game really doesn’t have some special rules or requirements, everything is pretty basic and anyone can play it from first try, no special guide readings or something like that. However, it has two main things which you should keep in mind:

1)      Aim your cannon well, make correct angle and fire power in order to cover maximum distance.

2)      Once you have finished calculations you are free to fire your cannon.

As you can see main rules are pretty simple and easy to follow, they don’t require any skill from you. Many things depend on luck in Kitty Cannon, if you are lucky enough you can cover huge distances even after making some major mistakes on the start.

There are also different objects in the game, some of them can slow down your speed and even stop you from going any further, while other objects can accelerate your speed and increase distance. Well, it really doesn’t matter what these objects are, because you can’t change outcome of the game, once you have made your shot you can only count on your luck and nothing more.

scoreNow some few words about graphics: graphics of the game are pretty good, maybe because it looks like cartoon type of the game and it doesn’t require much work, yet it can look well. Details of the game and obstacles are fine, same way as physics of the game.

Well, hope you enjoyed this game, if you have some questions about this funny game, leave them below in comment section, have fun!